Alishan Oolong tea

Alishan Oolong tea
Alishan Oolong tea

Alishan Oolong tea is Oolong tea, specialty tea of Taiwan. Quality characteristics of Alishan Oolong tea:
Shape: tightly, hemispherical
Color: green sand
Soup color: honey yellow and bright
Aroma: floral
Taste: mellow and brisk
Infused leaves: green leaves with a slight red trim

Alishan Oolong tea produced in Jiayi Country of Taiwan, producing elevation of 1200-1400 meters. Tea plantations are located in the rolling hillside, the area moist climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, ideal for tea growing. There was a vigorous mountain tea flavor, taste sweet, strong and pleasant. Alishan Oolong tea use qingxin oolong fresh leaves as raw material, in acance with slightly fermented oolong tea production process, after drying green, cool green, rolling green, fixation, rolling, drying the beginning, including kneading, baking complex formed.

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