Anhua dark tea

Anhua dark tea
Anhua dark tea

Anhua dark tea(安化黑茶) is dark tea, specialty tea of Hunan. Quality characteristics of Anhua dark tea:
Shape: tightly, pressed tea
Color: dark brown
Soup color: orange yellow
Aroma: pure and normal lasting, fragrant with pine smoke
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: Laonen uniform homogeneous

Dark tea is fixing tea(pot-fry tea) , fragrant with pine smoke. Anhua dark tea is mainly produced in Anhua of Hunan, and hence the name. Tea region has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Dark tea is fermented tea, its unique process, especially micro-organisms involved in its pharmacological effect of Chinese medicine with a special, which is rich in tea polysaccharide compounds that can regulate the medical profession glucose metabolism in the body (to prevent diabetes), cholesterol-lowering , blood pressure, anti-coagulation, thrombosis, improve immunity.
Classification of dark tea:
1. Sanjian tea:Tianjian tea, Gongjian tea, Shengjian tea
2. Huajuan tea
3. Huazhuan tea, also known as Flower brick
4. Qingzhuan tea, also known as Green brick

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