Anji white tea

Anji white tea
Anji white tea

Anji white tea(安吉白茶), although called white tea, but it is actually green tea, specialty tea in Zhejiang. Quality characteristics of Anji white tea:
Shape: the shape of orchid
Color: yellow green
Soup color: apricot yellow
Aroma: fragrance lasting
Taste: fresh and brisk, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: yellow and white leaves, green vein stem

Anji white tea produced in Anji County of Zhejiang. Anji white tea is a rare variation tea, a “low-temperature-sensitive” tea, the threshold is about 23 ℃. Tea tree product “white tea” time is very short, usually only about a month. Spring due to lack of chlorophyll, buds are white. In Guyu ago, buds most were white jade. Summer solstice ago,bud is turning into a green and white mosaic. To summer, shoots back to full green, it is no different with the general green tea. Anji white tea is because of bleaching in a particular period of harvesting, processing and production, so the bottom of leaves also show white jade, this is characteristic of Anji white tea. Processing technology of Anji white tea is the same as green tea , as divided into fixing, rolling, drying and other processes. Anji white tea divided into four quality levels: fine, super, first level, and second level.