Bai Lin Gongfu tea

Bai Lin Gongfu tea
Bai Lin Gongfu tea

Bai Lin Gongfu tea(白琳工夫茶) is black tea, is one of the three great Minhong Gongfu tea(Zheng He, Tan Yang, Bai Lin), Fujian specialty tea. Quality characteristics of Bai Lin Gongfu tea:
Shape: long and thin, bend, pekoe like fuzz ball
Color: yellow and black
Soup color: red bright
Aroma: fresh and mellow, pekoe flavor
Taste: clean and sweet
Infused leaves: bright red with yellow

Bai Lin Gongfu tea is small leaf species black tea, produced in Bai Lin,Taimushan of Fuding County, in Fujian province, China. 19th century 50’s, Min Guang tea business processing Gongfu tea in Fuding, widely received black tea stripe of Bailin, Panxi, Huang Gang, Hulin and Pingyang, Taishun of Zhejiang, and other places, concentrated in Bai Lin process, The resulting Bai Lin Gongfu tea.
Bai Lin Gongfu has characteristics of more pekoe, bud early, a high output and so on. Bai Lin Gongfu tea is half-fermented tea, aroma, soup color and tea leafs are mainly formed during the fermentation process. Bai Lin Gongfu tea rough processing steps: plucking, withering, fermentation, and drying.