Bee balm tea

Bee balm tea
Bee balm tea

Bee balm tea(香蜂草茶) is herbal tea. Bee balm is an aromatic herb in the family Lamiaceae, native to eastern North America. Its name is derived from its odor, which is considered similar to that of the bergamot orange. Quality characteristics of Bee balm tea:
Color: Brown green
Aroma: clean aroma
Soup color: yellow green and bright
Taste: mellow, sweet after taste

Bee balm has a long history of use as a medicinal plant by many Native Americans, including the Blackfeet. The Blackfeet Indians recognized this plant’s strong antiseptic action, and used poultices of the plant for skin infections and minor wounds. A tea made from the plant was also used to treat mouth and throat infections caused by dental caries and gingivitis. Bee balm is the natural source of the antiseptic thymol, the primary active ingredient in modern commercial mouthwash formulas. The Winnebago used a tea made from bee balm as a general stimulant. It was also used as a carminative herb by Native Americans to treat excessive flatulence.

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