Beigang Mao Jian tea

Beigang Mao Jian tea
Beigang Mao Jian tea

Beigang Mao Jian tea(北港毛尖) is a twisted yellow tea, specialty tea of Hunan. Quality characteristics of Beigang Mao Jian tea:
Shape: fat, tippy
Color: golden bright
Soup color: orange yellow
Aroma: pure and normal lasting
Taste: mellow
Infused leaves: tender and even

Beigang Mao Jian tea produced in Beigang and Yuewang of Yueyang City ,Hunan. Tea garden is fertile soil, mild temperatures; plenty of rain, very humid climate, and ecological environment are very suitable for tea growing. Before Ching Ming Festival 15 days, Beigang Mao Jian tea picks fresh leaves; the standard is a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves. The fresh leaves taken back by the crank, two blue, bored piles, pick tick, fried dried five refining rocesses.