Bitan Piaoxue tea

Bitan Piaoxue tea
Bitan Piaoxue tea

Bitan Piaoxue tea (碧潭飘雪) is scented tea, specialty tea of China’s Sichuan. Quality characteristics of Bitan Piaoxue tea:
Shape: tight and evenly
Color: green yellow and bloom
Soup color: yellow clear
Aroma: fresh spirit lasting
Taste: mellow and brisk, sweet after taste cool
Tea leafs: yellow-green and evenly, delicate and more buds

Bitan Piaoxue tea produced in Emei Mountain of Sichuan. Flowers picked in a sunny late afternoon hours, select white crystal, flower bud, a sense of choice in the open before the flower, so take advantage of fresh grab fragrant tea, then carefully hand-scenting. Color is fresh and bright green, floating above the white petals, light floral Aroma, but prolonged stay in between lips and teeth. Bitan buds in early spring as the snow using blank tea, mixed with scenting jasmine flowers; flowers, tea blend, and keep dry petals in the tea. After brewing tea, soup color yellow bright, blossoming white flowers floating on it as heaven snow.

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