Black tea donut

Quantity: 10.

How to cook black tea donut?
Black tea donut

1.460g Low protein flour
20g baking powder
30g milk powder
2.40g White oil
60g Icing sugar
5g Salt
3.20g Eggs
4.140g Black tea water (cold)
5.1 pack Black tea tea-leaf
6.200g White chocolate

1. Mix ingredients (1) and sift.
2. Mix ingredients (2) and Whipping, add eggs to mix, then add tea water to mix.
3. Add ingredients (1) to mix, and then add tea-leaf to mix well.
4. The dough stand for 10 minutes, then roll dough into 1 cm thick. Divide the dough into small pieces with donut cutter, fry the donut for 1 minute in temperature of 180 ℃, then picked up.
5. The chocolate chopped,use in water-jacket heating mode to heat,make chocolate to melt, the temperature does not exceed 50 ℃, the cooling of the donut coated with melted chocolate, sprinkle black tea can also be decorative.