Black tea muffins


Black tea muffins
Black tea muffins

2 Eggs
90g Caster sugar
150g Low protein flour
4g Milk powder
2g Baking Soda
2g Baking powder
35g Black tea water (cold)
30g Melted butter

1. Mix 2 eggs, 90g caster sugar, heated to 40 ℃, remove from the heat and stir quickly to the white, foam stability, and then stir slowly until smooth and meticulous.
2. Mix 150g low protein flour, 4g milk powder, 2g baking soda, 2g baking powder and Sift, add method (1) to mix well, and then add 35g tea water to mix well.
3. Add 30g melted butter into batter to mix well, you can scoop it into the pan, fry its both sides until golden brown.