Black tea pound cake

Black tea pound cake
Black tea pound cake

1. 145g Cream
2. 145g Low protein flour
6g Milk powder
1g Baking powder
3. 130g Caster sugar
1g Salt
4. 145g Egg white
5. 1 pack Black tea tea-leaf
6. 15g Black tea water (cold)


1. Cut butter into slices and wait until softened, sift Ingredients (2).

2. Mix Ingredients (1), (2) and foaming them to the larger size, white, and then add Ingredients (3) to mix well.

3. Gradually add egg white and mix well, until sugar dissolves non-granular, add black tea tea-leaf to mix well.

4. Gradually add black tea water and mix well, pour the batter into a model, at last , place it into the oven at 170 ℃ for about 35 minutes.