Black tea sponge cake


Black tea sponge cake
Black tea sponge cake

Place 1 pack of black tea bags into 200g boiling water, soak about 1 minute, remove the tea bags and dried.

Quantity: 1

4 Eggs
180g Castor sugar
120g Low protein flour
3g Milk powder
30g Salad oil
30g Black tea water
1 pack Black tea tea-leaf

1. Mix 4 eggs, 180g caster sugar, heated to 40 ℃, remove from the heat and stir quickly to the white, foam stability, and then stir slowly until smooth and meticulous.
2. Sift 120g low protein flour and 3g milk powder 2 times, add method (1), the rapid mix until no granules.
3. Adding 30g salad oil into the batter and mix well, and then adding 30g tea water to mix well.
4. Add the soaked black tea tea-leaf into batter to mix well, and place the batter into model. Bake in 180 ℃ for about 35 minutes, and remove it out to cooling.