Cast iron teapots and tea

Modern city people growing concern for health, drinking 7 glasses of water a day become the most simple andĀ economic way of health and beauty. Drink water is not enough, we need to pay attention to water quality. Of course, in the city can not find the mountain spring. Our ancestors also created the manufacturing method of good water, that is, boiled water with cast iron teapots to

cast iron teapots and tea
cast iron teapots and tea

improve water quality.

Cast iron teapots date back to 200 years ago. The earliest cast iron teapots were born in China, but later be developedĀ in Japan. Cast iron teapots as now filed, will say that the Japanese cast iron teapots. Water with cast iron teapots is very soft, and used to make tea, the sweet spring water taste better. Cast iron teapots with boiled water, on the one hand cast iron teapots will adsorb the chloride ion, on the other hand. Cast iron teapots with the temperature increase will release iron (ferrous iron), can complement the body’s daily iron requirements quality, effective prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Boiled water with cast iron teapots for some time, will form a scale inside the cast iron teapots, this scale is a hard layer of protection. With the scale, cast iron pots on the hard rust so do not wash. In the past one or two hundred years, cast iron teapots are very popular in Japan. Almost every family will use cast iron teapots, and as an exquisitely gift, cast iron teapots gift between friends and family. According to production processes and materials used, the value of cast iron teapots is also different. Cast iron teapots have a good collection of value and aesthetic value.