Cast iron teapots

As a classic tea set, cast iron teapots originated in China, flourishing in Japan. In recent years,Chinese arts and
cast iron teapots

crafts through masters meticulously carved and the traditional process of improving, so cast iron teapots is more diverse, more delicate colors. Use cast iron teapots both can feel the tea culture, but also added iron, was welcomed by the people.

1. Cast iron teapots is a good tool of brewing tea
Use cast iron teapots boil water, a higher boiling point temperature of water is less than the stainless steel teapots, etc. to 2-3 degrees above, and also a longer holding time, use hot water for tea can stimulate and enhance the aroma of tea.

2. Cast iron teapots add Fe
Scientists had discovered that iron is a blood element, adults need to 0.8-1.5 mg of iron daily, severe iron deficiency may affect intellectual development. Because cast iron teapot kettle boils water to release easily absorbed divalent iron ions, can complement the human body needs, so as to effectively prevent anemia.

3. Cast iron teapots to improve water quality
Cast iron teapots to make water even softer and smooth, sweet, and this can improve and enhance the taste of tea.

4. Cast iron teapots external coatings for food grade materials, high temperature coating technology, non-toxic, anti-friction, high strength. With the increase in the number of scrub, cast iron teapots will show a metallic texture of the gloss, highly ornamental value and collection value.