Catnip tea

Catnip tea
Catnip tea

Catnip tea(猫薄荷茶) is herbal tea. Catnip also called catmint, catswort. It is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is now also common in North America. Quality characteristics of Catnip tea:
Shape: fractal
Color: tender green
Aroma: sweet aroma
Soup color: yellow green and bright
Taste: a little bitter taste

Catnip is plant cat favorite; the cat discovered this plant will be glad to roll in the meantime, play to play, hence the name. Catnip is about 2 feet high, very cold, even in the Celsius 30 degrees at low temperatures, survive; stems erect a square, numerous branches; leaves are fan-shaped leaves are gray fluff, long stem part of a lower place; white flowers with purple spots and needle-like protrusion, the flowering period is from June to September. Catnip is also used in herbal medicine for their mild sedative effect on humans.Catnip can cure bronchitis, to ease the treatment of stomach pain, bloating and abdominal pain, cure hysteria and nervous. Catnip tea can also prevent cramps and treatment of headache. Do not often drink catnip tea; some herbs have argued that it contains ingredients can cause psychedelic; but at least the FDA agency did not include it in a harmful herbs.

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