Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea
Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea(锡兰红茶), also known as Sri Lanka tea, is the world famous black tea. Ceylon tea, Darjeeling tea, Assam tea and Chinese Keemun black tea are the four great black tea of world. Quality characteristics of Ceylon tea:
Shape: shredded tea
Color: reddish auburn
Soup color: orange red bright, the top of tea soup are golden aperture
Aroma: mint flavor, lily of the valley flavor
Taste: mellow and thick, bitter, but sweet after taste
Infused leaves: soft and red bright

Sri Lanka produces about 250,000 tons of tea annually. Tea planting base is limited to the central highlands and thesouthern island lowlands. Altitude by the growth of tea was divided into three categories, namely, highland tea, the middle land tea and lowland tea. 6 Ceylon tea growing areas, including Uva, Uda Pussellawa, Nuwara Eliya, Ruhuna, Kandy, Dimb-ula, etc., the origin due to different of altitude, temperature, humidity, have different characteristics. In the place of origin, the most famous tea is Uva tea. Its flavor is strong; taste heavy and thick, suitable for making bubble tea. Nuwara tea is a high mountain tea, light brown, its flavor clean aroma, suitable for making pure tea. Candy tea grows in the mid-elevation growing areas, taste not as strong as Uva tea, but the blend of tea and milky, and the form just right compromise taste.
Different for each origin, tea and modulation methods, the formation of taste is different. Please note product identification when purchase Ceylon tea, marked Ceylon Uva is highlands tea, and marked Ceylon Dimbula is produced in Ceylon Dimbula. Sri Lanka’s tea is characterized by a low sodium content. For high blood pressure, need a small amount of sodium intake for people, Ceylon tea is the ideal drink.
In fact, “Ceylon tea” is a general term refers to Ceylon black tea production areas, only 100% of Sri Lanka’s teaproduction can be called Ceylon tea. Many have claimed that Ceylon tea, in fact, including India, Kenya and other tea producing areas. In order to regulate the export of Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka’s tea exports management department issued a “Symbol of quality Ceylon tea”: sword lion mark, upper of rectangular mark is lion which right hand take knife, the lower is two rows of English, on the row for the “Ceylon tea”, the next row for the “Symbol of quality”, marked the logo of the Ceylon tea is recognized by the Government of Sri Lanka through pure Ceylon black tea, which is the symbol of origin and guarantee the quality!