Manufacturing process of dark tea

Manufacturing process of dark tea is fixation, rolling, piling, and drying. Piling is a particular process of dark tea. It is also the key process of the formation of dark tea quality.

1. Fixation

Because dark tea leaves picked rough old, low water content, need to high temperatures fried quickly, fast flip uniform, dark green can be.

2. Rolling

Fixation is completed, dark tea need to hot rolled immediately, easy to create a good shape. Rolling methods is the same as black tea and green tea.

3. Piling

After rolling the leaves, stacked on bamboo mat, 15 ~ 25 cm thick, cover with a damp cloth to keep moist and keep heat, for piling process. In the piling process, should be based on temperature changes, timely flip 1 or 2 times.

The principles of chemical change of piling, there is no conclusion. Currently there are enzymatic role of academia, the role of microorganisms and heat are three theories, but it is generally believed that play a major role is the role of water and heat.

4. Drying

There are baking method and dry method, to fixed quality of dark tea and prevent deterioration.