Duyun Mao Jian tea

Duyun Mao Jian tea
Duyun Mao Jian tea

Duyun Mao Jian tea(Chinese:都匀毛尖) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Guizhou. Quality characteristics of Duyun Mao Jian tea:
Shape: curled like spiral
Color: green bloom
Soup color: green and clear
Aroma: high aroma lasting
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: green and bright

Duyun Mao Jian tea also known as “white Mao Jian”, “fine Mao Jian”, “hook tea”, “Que She tea”. Duyun Mao Jian tea produced in Guizhou Province. Tea region has moist climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil; and good ecological environment is very suitable to the growth of tea. Duyun Mao Jian tea pick fresh leaves in Ching Ming Festival every year, picking standard is a bud, longer than 2.0 cm. Duyun Mao Jian tea crank up the production process points, rolling, rubbing group to mention dollars, four drying process. Duyun Mao Jian tea made all the hand-frying. Duyun Mao Jian tea “three green through yellow” character, which is the color of dry tea green with yellow, green Soup color in through the yellow, the bottom was green in yellow.

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