Eagle Red Gongfu tea

Eagle Red Gongfu tea is Fujian famous black tea. Eagle Red Gongfu tea done by varieties of red tea is divided into large and small tea two. Department of Large tea white tea is made using large, is Minhong Gongfu the top grade, tight end appearance of the cable cents more than fat, color zeu Run, endoplasmic liquor color red thick, high and sweet aroma, strong taste, the bottom is still fat red. Department of species with small tea leaf made of fine cord tight, smell like QI, but less durable, soup is slightly shallow, mellow, and, the bottom of the red uniform. Eagle red tea as the main efforts of large, multi-Jan cents Sauvignon their advantages, but also to fight the high appropriate incense small tea, red eagle done so particularly well-proportioned body, the heart exposed cents, aroma and taste.
Eagle red tea is mainly produced in Fujian efforts to Pingnan county, Jiufeng Mountains middle huotong Yangxi River and the upper reaches of the rich, Fuzhou, Fujian orang tea production areas candidates, while some focus on Pingnan processing. The average elevation of 830 meters Pingnan, in the province the most, luxuriant Jiufeng Hill, gurgling Yuanyang Xi, overlapping mountains, hills and downs, winter cold, summer heat, the temperature difference between day and night, with a clear mountain climate, tea and more open In the gentle slope at the forest slash, deep soil, slightly acidic, the growth of lush tea, mountain tea for high-quality growth.