Fennel tea

Fennel tea
Fennel tea

Fennel tea(小茴香茶) is herbal tea. Quality characteristics of Fennel tea:
Shape: like rice
Color: green
Soup: yellow green and bright
Aroma: spicy, fennel flavor, like anise
Taste: mellow, like anise mouth feel

Fennel is widely cultivated, both in its native range and elsewhere, for its edible, strongly flavoured leaves and fruits. Its aniseed flavour comes from anethole, an aromatic compound also found in anise and star anise, and its taste and aroma are similar to theirs, though usually not as strong.
Fennel contains anethole, which can explain some of its medical effects: it, or its polymers, act as phytoestrogens. Fennel tea can relax the intestines and reduce bloating caused by digestive disorders. Fennel tea may be an effective diuretic and a potential drug for treatment of hypertension.

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