Fu brick tea

Fu brick tea
Fu brick tea

Fu brick tea(茯砖茶) is dark tea, specialty tea of Hunan. Quality characteristics of Fu brick tea:
Shape: long-shaped brick, size is 35 × 18.5 × 5 cm
Color: brownish auburn
Soup color: red yellow and bright
Aroma: pure and normal lasting
Taste: mellow
Tea leafs: black soup is evenly

Early Fu brick tea also called, “Lake tea”. Fu brick tea produced in Yiyang and Wanshaxi of Hunan. Tea area is local in the mountain or canyon, vertical and horizontal streams, beautiful, sunshine short, year-round misty, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Fu brick tea production processes in general: withering, fixing, rolling, drying and other refining processes. Fu brick tea has a strong decomposition of greasy, digestion, regulate body fat metabolism functions.

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    According to the Chinese, “Wanshaxi” should be “Baishaxi” (白沙溪)?

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      Baishaxi often mean a brandnew of tea company.

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