Function of tea ingredients

1. Caffeine
Tea in the germination, they begin to form caffeine, the more good tea, the more caffeine content, caffeine can make the brain’s excitatory effects of strong; In addition, theophylline, also contains help the heart, diuretic effect.

2. Tannin
Tannin is not a single substance, but a mixture of many substances; it is easily oxidized and is strongly hygroscopic. The more advanced tea, the more tannin content. Tannin determines the color of tea, also determines the astringent taste in the mouth.
3. Amino acid
Amino acids contained in tea are water soluble, so use the tea in boiling water will contain. Amino acids are important factor that determine flavor and astringency of tea.

4. Chlorophyll
Chlorophyll makes leaves become green, in addition, there carotene, lutein, flower pigments. Different varieties of tea, chlorophyll content will be different, the chlorophyll content of tea variety is good or bad decision.

5. Aoba alcohol
Tea is the most emphasis on aroma of beverages, and the new unique scent of tea is produced from alcohol Aoba.

6. Vitamin C
The more the new tea, the more vitamin C content, vitamin C is an essential element to prevent scurvy.

7. Inorganic ingredients
We are the body’s blood, in healthy conditions are weakly alkaline. Tea contains magnesium, iron, manganese, sodium, iodine and other inorganic elements, which contains more manganese and iodine. Can keep the body alkaline.