Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong
Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong(人参乌龙) is scented tea, specialty tea of Taiwan. Quality characteristics of Ginseng Oolong:
Shape: tightly
Color: dark green and bloom
Soup color: orange
Odor: fragrant, flavor melt in which participants
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: the edge of a reddish-brown, light green middle

Ginseng Oolong color flavor aroma, aftertaste after drinking a strange smell, it is also known as blue elegant. On a good ginseng oolong, is to spend other oolong tea, and ginseng processing, refining, that is a mistake to retain full-bodied aftertaste, has joined the complement of American ginseng and sweet, fragrant entrance, the tongue at the end of fluid, food for thought . Ginseng Oolong tea has the beauty in tolerance, thirst, refreshing effect, both the absorption of nourishing ginseng, there are elegant tea Aroma and aroma lasting exercise in modern tea to share.

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