Gong Xi

Gong Xi
Gong Xi

Gong Xi(贡熙) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Zhejiang. Quality characteristics of Gong Xi:
Shape: round tightly, granular
Color: green
Soup color: clear green
Aroma: Aroma lasting
Taste: mellow fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: tender and even

Gong Xi is stir fixation green tea, refined, said Gong Hee. Gong Xi main produced in Zhuzhou, Shaoxing, Shangyu, Xinchang, Zhuji, Yuyao, Fenghua, Dongyang of Zhejiang. Gong Xi is divided into five quality levels. Gong Xi has strict picking standard, the standard is a bud and a leaf. Gong Xi in the production process, there are fixing, rolling, baking and other processes.

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