Gougunao tea

Gougunao tea
Gougunao tea

Gougunao tea(狗牯脑) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Jiangxi. Quality characteristics of Gougunao tea:
Shape: tightly
Color: black bloom
Soup color: yellow green bright
Aroma: high aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and mellow
Tea leafs: tender green complete

Gougunao tea, also known as Gougunao Stone Mountain tea, Gougunao tea produced in Gougunao Hill of Jiangxi Suichuan. Tea area is excellent ecological environment, mild climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil. Gougunao tea has sophisticated production process. Gougunao tea picks fresh leaves before Ching Ming Festival; picking standard is a bud or a bud and a leaf. After fixing, rolling, shaping, baking, stir dry processing and packaging to make.

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