Guiping Xishan tea

Guiping Xishan tea
Guiping Xishan tea

Guiping Xishan tea(桂平西山茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Guangxi. Quality characteristics of Guiping Xishan tea:
Shape: tightly, tips revealed
Color: green jade
Soup color: green jade and clear
Aroma: clean aroma lasting
Taste: mellow and brisk, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: bright green

Guiping Xishan tea produced in Guiping Xishan of Guangxi. Xishan tea area is local the east, sunny, and the higher ground, often misty, the sun refracted by fog, the formation of scattered light, so easy to keep young tea leaves, with soft soil, with rich in natural phosphorus, more milk springs, very suitable for growing tea, the formation of good quality tea. Guiping Xishan tea picks fresh leaves between the end of February or early March, has been taken to 11 months, approved 20-30 a year picking, picking the standard for a bud or a bud and two leaves, the length of no more than 4 cm. Guiping Xishan tea by hand frying. The main processes of Guiping Xishan tea: green stalls, fixing, rolling, first fried, baked, fried and other complex processes.

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