Guzhu Zisun tea

Guzhu Zisun tea
Guzhu Zisun tea

Guzhu Zisun tea(顾渚紫笋) is green tea, traditional tea of Zhejiang. Guzhu Zisun tea also called Huzhou Zisun, Changxing Zisun. Quality characteristics of Guzhu Zisun tea:
Shape: back roll like bamboo shell, shaped like orchids
Color: green jade, Yin Hao obvious
Soup color: clear and bright
Aroma: fragrance, aroma of orchids
Tea leafs: green soft, delicate as flower

Guzhu Zisun tea produced in Guzhu village of Changxing County,China’s  Zhejiang Province, famous as early as 1200 years ago. As the tea exquisite, delicate buds, with a purple color, the shape of bamboo shoots and therefore was named Zisun tea. Guzhu Zisun tea process characteristics: pick fresh leaves between Ching Ming Festival and Gu Yu each year, picks a bud or a bud and two leaves, its production process, include sunning, fixing, rolling drying and other processes. Guzhu Zisun tea fresh leaves are very tender; 500g dry tea has about 36,000 shoots. Guzhu Zisun tea has been designated as national pollution-free agricultural.