Haimagong tea

Haimagong tea
Haimagong tea

Haimagong tea(海马宫茶) is yellow tea, specialty tea of Guizhou. Quality characteristics of Haimagong tea:
Shape: tightly and curly
Color: yellow green and more tips
Soup color: orange yellow and bright
Aroma: pure and normal lasting
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Infused leaves: tender and even

Haimagong tea produced in the Hai Ma Gong township of Dafang County, Guizhou Province. Tea garden is local in the mountain or canyon, vertical and horizontal streams, beautiful, sunshine short, year-round misty, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Haimagong tea picks the standard for a bud a leaf or a bud and two leaves. Haimagong tea production processes in general: withering, fixing, rolling, drying and other refining processes. Haimagong tea is rich in polyphenols in tea, amino acids, soluble sugar, rich in vitamins and other nutrients, a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer.