Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea
Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea (杭白菊) is herbal tea, specialty tea of China’s Hangzhou. Quality characteristics of Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea:
Shape: full flower, petals thick, flower size evenly
Color: pale yellow
Soup color: yellow
Aroma: floral scent
Taste: slightly bitter
Tea leafs: white jade petals, stamens deep yellow

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea, also known as chamomile, is traditional Chinese medicinal plant cultivation is the name of eight traditional Chinese medicine, Zhejiang Province, “Zhejiang Bawei” is one of chrysanthemum tea in one of the best varieties. Chrysanthemum and produced in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Tongxiang County. Chrysanthemum processing is relatively simple, the end of October to pick white, full of flowers at full flower, and dried after steam after fixing is finished. Hangzhou Chrysanthemum tea, flowers hypertrophy, color white, golden stamens, relatively dry for the top grade. Chrysanthemum has a stomach, ventilation, diuretic and detoxifying, eyesight and other health effects.

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