Health effect of jasmine tea

Jasmine on dysentery, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis and sore and so has a good anti-inflammatory role of detoxification. Frequently drinking jasmine tea, to Liver eyesight, thirst, expectorant, laxative, expelling wind, lowering blood pressure, cardiac, dental caries radiation damage, cancer, anti-aging, people live longer, physical and mental health.

Jasmine tea is green tea with jasmine flowers scenting system blanks and made tea. Classification in the tea, jasmine tea is green tea. But jasmine tea is also as a kind of scented tea. Jasmine tea in green tea processed basis, especially senior Jasmine process in the processing quality of its place within a certain physical and chemical effects, such as: tea polyphenols, tea tannin decomposition in water wet conditions, insoluble protein degradation into amino acids, can be reduced when drinking green tea astringent sense of functional change, its mellow taste of fresh concentrated, more catchy, and this is from the north like to drink jasmine tea one of the reasons. Various types of tea similar nature of their health, their own characteristics, with green tea, jasmine tea in addition to some performance, but also has a lot of green tea do not have health care.

Tea contains a large number of compounds beneficial to human health. Such as: catechin, vitamin C, caffeine, flavanols, polyphenols, etc… Jasmine tea is rich in aromatic oil, geraniol, orange pepper alcohol, clove esters more than 20 kinds of compounds. According to the unique adsorption properties of tea and jasmine incense characteristics of the spit, jasmine tea, and with a refreshing green tea rich in natural tea flavor, but also full of spirit fragrance of fresh jasmine, it is the best of the modern natural health drinks.