Houttuynia tea


Houttuynia tea,also called Houttuynia cordata tea, is a herbal tea made with the leaves of the Houttuynia cordata plant. Quality characteristics of Houttuynia tea:
Shape: mixed strip with massive
Color: green and brown
Aroma: light aroma
Soup color: yellow green and bright
Taste: sweet after taste

Houttuynia cordata is one of two species in the genus Houttuynia, is a flowering plant native to Japan, Korea, southern China and Southeast Asia, where it grows in moist, shady places.
Houttuynia cordata is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to between 20 and 80 cm. The proximal part of the stem is trailing and produces adventitious roots, while the distal part of the stem grows vertically. The leaves are alternate, broadly heart-shaped, 4–9 cm long and 3–8 cm broad. Flowers, growing usually in Summer, are greenish-yellow, borne on a terminal spike 2–3 cm long with 4-6 large white basal bracts.
Houttuynia cordata is also used in folk medicine for diuresis and detoxification and herbal medicine for its antiviral, antibacterial and antileukemic activities. Recently it has been suggested that it might have anti-obesity properties. Houttuynia cordata was used by Chinese scientists to tackle SARS as it is conventionally used to treat pneumonia. Main function: clearing away heat, detoxicating, diuresis, dispelling wind and heat. To be used totreat phlegm, cough,swell, sore.laryngitis, coli, fever,ect.

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