Hu Hong Gongfu tea

Hu Hong Gongfu tea
Hu Hong Gongfu tea

Hu Hong Gongfu tea(湖红工夫茶) is one of Gongfu black tea with a long history in China, specialty tea in Hunan. Quality characteristics of Hu Hong Gongfu tea:
Shape: tight and slender
Color: black oily
Soup color: red brilliant and bright
Aroma: high aroma
Taste: mellow and thick
Infused leaves: red dull

Hu Hong Gongfu tea produced in the Anhua, Xinhua, Lianyuan area, located in the middle of Hunan.Tea garden four seasons, a subtropical monsoon humid climate, loess soil is red, slightly acidic, abundant light, abundant rainfall, suitable for tea growing.
Hu Hong Gongfu tea has Gongfu tea, broken black tea, OP black tea three categories, nearly fifty varieties. Hu Hong Gongfu tea represented by Anhua Gongfu, shape is tightly and fat,high aroma, taste is mellow and thick, soup color is thick, Tea leafs is red dull. Pingjiang Gongfu is high aroma, but less neat. Xinhua, Taoyuan Gongfu’s shape is tightly,more tips, tip is good, but low aroma. Lianyuan Gongfu tea as a new tea, shape is tight and slender, light fragrance.