Huangshan Gongju tea

Huangshan Gongju tea
Huangshan Gongju tea

Huangshan Gongju tea(黄山贡菊) is herbal tea, also called Huangshan tribute Chrysanthemum tea, specialty tea of Huangshan. Quality characteristics of Huangshan Gongju tea:
Shape: small flower heart, texture soft
Color: white petal color, green flower stalk
Soup color: clear, yellow bright
Aroma: clean aroma
Taste: sweet and bitter
Tea leafs: evenly

Huangshan Gongju tea produced in Anhui Huangshan, rich in Xiuning Lantian, Nantang other places. Huangshan Gongju grown in the unique natural environment, the quality, color, smell, taste, type in one set, both the ornamental value, but also medical functions, known as medicinal and drink in the share, is the Huangshan well-known specialties, famous. Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum of the stand, slightly cold. Containing Ju Gan, adenine, choline and vitamin A1, B1, amino acids, potassium, sodium and other ingredients, with Liver eyesight, evil pathogenic fire, cool and relieving effect.

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