Huangshan Green Peony

Huangshan Green Peony
Huangshan Green Peony

Huangshan Green Peony(黄山绿牡丹) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Anhui. Quality characteristics of Huangshan Green Peony:
Shape: dark green chrysanthemum, white tipped revealed
Color: yellow green
Soup color: yellow green bright
Aroma: aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and mellow
Tea leafs: flower, yellow green and fresh

Huangshan Green Peony tea is a new created tea, created in 1986. Huangshan Green Peony produced in She Country of Anhui. Tea area is rainfall, temperature and humidity climate, fertile soil, suitable for tea growing. Huangshan Green Peony tea pick a bud and three leaves, by fixing, rolling, drying and other processes made.

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