Huo Shan Huang Ya

Huoshan Huang Ya
Huoshan Huang Ya

Huoshan Huang Ya(霍山黄芽) is yellow tea, specialty tea of Anhui. Quality characteristics of Huoshan Huang Ya:
Shape: like Buxus, tender shoots, tippy
Color: yellow
Soup color: yellow clear
Aroma: pure and normal lasting
Taste: mellow and thick
Infused leaves: bright yellow

Huoshan Huang Ya tea mainly produced in Huoshan County of Anhui. Tea gardens are located in mountainous and hilly regions, mostly red loam soil, and good water permeability, very suitable for tea growing. Huoshan Huang Ya tea picks a bud, a bud and two leaves. Huoshan Huang Ya tea include production processes: fixing, drying, spreading, re-bake, bake five processes.