Iced tea

Iced tea is a tea for cold drinks, usually by adding ice cubes in tea, so called iced tea.  Some iced tea will add a variety of sweeteners, organic acids, spices and other additives to form a multi-component complex beverage. Iced tea with different ingredients added to form a different color, smell and taste of iced tea.  Iced tea can add a different flavor of fruits such as lemon, peach, strawberry, lime, and blueberry, cherry and so on. In addition to cup, the bottled iced tea is also a common beverage packaging.

In the West, usually black tea brewed iced tea. In Asia, the iced tea in addition to using black tea, other types of tea, like green tea, white tea brewing of iced tea, etc. are also common, such as blueberry green tea. In addition to tea can be made into iced tea, the fruit tea can also make iced tea.

From the perspective of the development iced tea, first, to make the summer more than ice tea cold drinks, ice brewed into tea, so called iced tea. This iced tea in many modern families is used. But with the quickening pace of life, to make it easier to drink, often used to produce instant tea, instant tea is iced tea can be developed on the basis of the preparation of tea. Iced tea liquor color is mainly yellow, orange and red; this is instant tea polyphenols in the content and the presence of determined conditions.

In order to scientifically prepare iced tea, iced tea should first have to examine and understand the various components. The composition of the iced tea, instant tea, iced tea sweetener common components of various edible acid is an essential ingredient fruit flavor iced tea, iced tea also has various special features of the corresponding components. It is noteworthy that the distribution of different groups into iced tea, mechanical mixing, however, drinking iced tea, the complex role of drinks on people’s senses, not all of the original components in a simple additive effect, between them a variety of interactions, the concentration of this interaction with the beverage, the pH and the relative proportions of each component changes changing.

Iced tea because of its strong tea, cool taste, loved by the people, as one drink daily essential.