Identification of green tea

The quality of green tea has great differences, according to the appearance of green tea, tea water and leaves to identify.
1. Fresh green tea and the old green tea
The appearance of fresh green tea is fresh green, glossy, with strong tea aroma. Tea water is green jade, have clean aroma, orchid flavor and chestnut flavor, taste is sweet and mellow, leaves are tender green.
Appearance of old green tea is grayish dull, low aroma. Tea water is yellow color, taste mellow, but tasty is not brisk, leaves are yellow and less bright.
2. Spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea
Shoots of spring tea are fat and bold, dark green color, clause is tightly. Tea rich in flavor, tasty is mellow and thick; the leaves are soft and light. Clause of summer tea is coarse and loose, mixed color, bud wood clear. Taste of tea is astringency, the bottom hard, leaf vein exposed, mixed aeruginous leaves. Autumn tea form is tight and fine, tea water is light color. Aroma is light.
3. Mountain green tea and peace green tea
Clause of Mountain green tea is heavy body, the color is bright green, fragrance lasting, strong taste, leaves are soft.
Clause of peace green tea is thin, color is yellow green. Aroma is plain and thin. Taste is pure and mild, leaf quality hard, leaf vein exposed.