Iron Lohan tea

Iron Lohan tea
Iron Lohan tea

Iron Lohan tea(铁罗汉) is semi-fermented tea, and belong to Oolong tea, specialty tea in Fujian. Quality characteristics of Iron Lohan tea:
Shape: tightly
Color: green auburn
Soup color: orange yellow and bright
Aroma: strong
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: soft and bright, leaf edges is red, and leaf heart is light green with yellow

Iron Lohan tea produced in the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian. Iron Lohan is shrub type, clone, middle class. Iron Lohan tea mainly produced in the mountains of Wuyi Mountain. Wuyi Mountain sunshine short, more reflected light, the temperature difference between day and night, Top of rock a year-round flow of small drops of spring invasion. Special natural environment create specific quality of iron Lohan. Collect and process technology of Iron Lohan is similar with other Yantie Iron Lohan,but much more refined process of iron Lohan. Each spring, pick a bud three leaves or a bud four leaves, by sunning, fixation, stir fixation, rolling, baking, drying and other processes to make. Wuyi Mountain has many types of Iron Lohan trees. There are the four famous cong: Iron Lohan, white crest, water beetles, bantianyao in Wuyi Mountain. In addition, there are other varieties of iron Lohan tree: such as Bujiantian, gold key, Zuihaitang, Zuidongbin, Diaojingui, Fengweicao and so on.