Jade Oolong tea

Jade Oolong tea
Jade Oolong tea

Jade Oolong tea (翠玉茶) is oolong tea, specialty tea of Taiwan. Quality characteristics of Jade Oolong tea:
Shape: tightly, hemispherical
Color: green sand
Soup color: orange
Aroma: floral with betel nut
Taste: sweet and mellow
Infused leaves: tender tea leaves with sticks

Jade Oolong tea is lightly fermented oolong tea in Taiwan, created in the 1970s. Jade Oolong tea produced in Taoyuan area of Taiwan, tea garden located in Lugu, Zhushan, Mingjian, Songbailing and other areas, at an altitude of 1000 meters high mountain tea, less pollution, good flavor. Jade Oolong tea is new variety tea of Taiwan, picking ground in batches required to adopt, do a good job of picking the first batch of tea, and adopt clear, mining the net. Picking standard of Jade Oolong tea is fresh, uniform. Main processes of Jade Oolong tea include: withering, fermentation, high-temperature fixation, rolling, drying and other processes.

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