Japanese tea ceremony

Tea culture in the 9th century AD, introduced to Japan from China. It’s Inheritance and development inJapanese tea ceremonyJapan.Japanese culture is very particular about tea; tea ceremony became an important ritual in the Japanese tradition. Japan’s tea production methods originate from the Chinese Tang Dynasty, which is different from tea production method of China now. It will pick the tea steam fixing, and then dried crushed, made into green tea powder to drink. As the tea powder surface area, and have a larger surface tension, easy to float in the water, when brewed tea it must be use tea whisk broom to stir, so that the tea powder sinking into the water, and then use bamboo ladle to scoop it out to drink. As the brewed tea in a more complex process, it gradually evolved a set of rituals, the formation of the various schools of the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea of Japanese is green tea-based, as well as brown rice tea and wheat tea.