Jiangshan Green Peony

Jiangshan Green Peony tea
Jiangshan Green Peony tea

Jiangshan Green Peony tea(江山绿牡丹) is green Tea, specialty tea of China’s Zhejiang. Quality characteristics of Jiangshan Green Peony tea:
Shape: bar straight like petals, natural form, like a peony, pekoe revealed
Color: green jade
Soup color: green jade and clear
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma
Taste: clean and sweet
Tea leafs: tender green and bright

Jiangshan Green Peony tea produced in Xianxia Mountain of Jiangshan City, Zhejiang. Xianxia Mountain in Zhejiang, Fujian and the junction of the main peak altitude of 1503 meters, wooded mountains, streams surrounded by fog, diffuse light more than the average annual temperature is around 17 ℃, frost-free period 256 days or so, the annual average rainfall is about 1600 mm, fertile soil , rich in organic matter content. Jiangshan Green Peony tea picks strictly, the standard is a bud or a bud and a leaf. Main processes: fixing, rolling, drying and other refining processes.

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