Jietan tea

Jietan tea
Jietan tea

Jietan tea (碣滩茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Hunan. Quality characteristics of Jietan tea:
Shape: round and tightly
Color: green bloom
Soup color: green bright and clean
Aroma: tender aroma lasting
Taste: mellow and sweet
Tea leafs: green, clean, bright

Jietan tea produced in the Yuanling Jietan Mountain Wuling City of Hunan, where the tall and graceful ridges and peaks, green forests, streams horizon, misty, natural conditions, the growth of strong tea, fat bud, leaves soft, hair many quality and unique style. Jietan tea has strict picking standards, as a bud and two leaves, about 3 cm in length, neat uniform. Production processes of Jietan tea include: fixing, rolling, re-rolling, spreading, drying and other processes.

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