Jin Xuan Oolong

Jin Xuan Oolong
Jin Xuan Oolong

Jin Xuan Oolong is oolong tea, specialty tea of Taiwan. Jin Xuan Oolong quality features:
Shape: tightly, hemispherical
Color: green sand
Soup color: gold yellow and bright
Aroma: light milk
Taste: fresh and brisk
Infused leaves: mainly green, with a slight red edge

Jin Xuan Oolong tea is a new creation tea, in the late 1980s to create. Jin Xuan Oolong tea from Taiwan in 1981 improved farm breed new varieties of tea, high yield, suitable for making tea, plant in central Taiwan more. Jin Xuan Oolong is the largest of the quality characteristics of the natural milk aroma, natural milk that few other teas can be made out, only Jin Xuan Oolong have this feature. Jin Xuan Oolong varieties is generally used in a small open area to shoot long after the mining heart of the next two, or clover leaf folder, acing to lightly fermented oolong tea production process, after withering, fermentation,fixation, rolling, drying and other processes to refined. Jin Xuan Oolong Shape of the cable tight knot and neat, slight roasted flavor and slightly honey frankincense, and rich inlet fluid activity, rich and memorable taste.

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