Jingshan tea

Jingshan tea
Jingshan tea

Jingshan tea(径山茶) is baking green tea, also called Jingshan Mao Feng tea, specialty tea of Zhejiang. Quality characteristics of Jingshan tea:
Shape: thin, wiry, white tip revealed
Color: green jade
Soup color: tender green and bright
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and mellow, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: tender and even bright

Jingshan tea comes from Yuhang County of China’s Zhejiang Province, produced in Jingshan Mountain, named for origin. Tea area is a tropical monsoon climate, mild and humid, rainfall, average annual temperature is 16 ℃, and annual precipitation is 1837 mm, 1970 hours of sunshine, frost-free period 244 days, is very suitable for tea growing. Jingshan tea has strict picking standards, as a bud and two leaves, about 3 cm in length, neat uniform. Jingshan tea is very tender; per kg dry tea has 62,000 fresh shoots. Production processes of Jingshan tea include: fixing, rolling, re-rolling, spreading, drying and other processes.

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