Jintan Que She tea

Jintan Que She tea
Jintan Que She tea

Jintan Que She tea(金坛雀舌) is named for its shape, is flat baking green tea, specialty tea of China’s Jiangsu. Quality characteristics of Jintan Que She tea:
Shape: flat straight, evenly, shaped like Buxus
Color: green bloom
Soup color: green bright
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: tender and even

Jintan Que She is grown in Jintan City, Jiangsu Province square foot tea plantation. Jintan Que She collected from Guyu before picking the standard for the early development of leaf buds, shoots length of 3 cm or less. Jintan Buxus tea taken back into the plant shoots evenly spread on a plaque in the bamboo, 3 to 5 hours of spreading, before frying. The frying process sub-fixing, sharing cool, shaping three processes. Jintan Buxus contains ingredients rich in water
extracts, polyphenols, amino acids, caffeine content is higher.

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