Jinzhai Cuimei tea

Jinzhai Cuimei tea
Jinzhai Cuimei tea

Jinzhai Cuimei tea (金寨翠眉)is green tea, specialty tea of Anhui. Quality characteristics of Jinzhai Cuimei tea:
Shape: tightly and evenly
Color: green, white tip revealed
Soup color: clear, green bright
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: sweet, fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: bright green

Jinzhai Cuimei tea produced in Jinzhai Country of Anhui. Tea plantations are located in the rolling hillside, the area moist climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, ideal for tea growing. Jinzhai Cuimei tea select full mature single buds as raw materials, selection of more than the coin one and a bud to a leaf bud made of two, after fixation, rolling and drying process is refined. The key lies in the first primary processing procedures, namely fixing. Fresh leaves by fixing the enzyme activity passivation, containing the chemical composition, is essentially in the absence of enzyme under the conditions of influence by the thermal role of physical and chemical changes, thus forming a Jinzhai Cuimei tea quality characteristics.

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