Jiuhong Gongfu tea

Jiuhong Gongfu tea
Jiuhong Gongfu tea

Jiuhong Gongfu tea is famous black tea of Fujian. Quality characteristics of Jiuhong Gongfu tea:
Shape: tightly, fat and more pekoe
Color: black bloom
Soup color: red thick
Aroma: high aroma
Taste: mellow and thick
Infused leaves: fat and red

Jiuhong Gongfu tea is divided into large and small tea. Large tea is made using a large white tea and is best tea of Min Hong Gongfu tea. Jiuhong Gongfu tea takes large tea as the main, so Jiuhong Gongfu tea’body gesture is elegance, more pekoe, and high aroma.
Jiuhong Gongfu tea is mainly produced in Pingnan county of Fujian, Tea garden humid climate, rainfall, temperature difference between day and night, light enough; these superior natural conditions are very suitable for tea growing.

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