Jiuhua Fo tea

Jiuhua Fo tea
Jiuhua Fo tea

Jiuhua Fo tea(九华佛茶) is green tea, also called Jiuhua Mao Feng, Huangshixi Mao Feng. Quality characteristics of Jiuhua Fo tea:
Shape: tightly, evenly
Color: yellow green, full disclosure pekoe
Soup color: green
Aroma: clean aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: tender and even

Jiuhua Fo tea produced in Jiuhua Mountain. Tea region is the world famous tea region, producing rolling hills, four seasons, moist climate, lush forests, abundant rainfall, sufficient sunlight, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Jiuhua Fo tea is generally picked in late mid-April, only a bud and two leaves for picking in early development. Jiuhua Fo tea a manufacturing process is very careful, divided into stalls blue, fixing, sharing cool, do form, drying, sorting tick, several packaging process.

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