Kang brick tea

Kang brick tea
Kang brick tea

Kang brick tea(康砖) is dark tea, specialty tea of China’s Sichuan. Quality characteristics of Kang brick tea:
Shape: tightly
Color: brownish auburn
Soup color: red and thick
Aroma: pure
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: coarse

Kang brick tea produced in Yata, Yibin, Jiangjin, Wanxian and other places of Sichuan. Tea area is located in the hills, moist climate, abundant rainfall, plentiful sunshine, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Kang brick tea annual output of nearly 10000 tons. Net weight of each Kang brick is about 0.5 kg, Kang brick tea is rounded pillow shape, and size is 17 × 9 × 6 cm. Kang brick tea sell to west of Sichuan and Tibet, and take Kangding, Lhasa as the center. Kang brick tea is post-fermented tea, its unique process, in particular, it has a special micro-organisms involved in pharmacological effect of Chinese medicine, which is rich in tea polysaccharide compounds that can regulate the medical profession glucose metabolism in the body (to prevent diabetes), cholesterol-lowering , blood pressure, anti-coagulation, thrombosis, improve immunity.

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