Laozhu Dafang tea

Laozhu Dafang tea
Laozhu Dafang tea

Laozhu Dafang tea(老竹大方) is stir fixation green tea, the history tea of Anhui. Quality characteristics of Laozhu Dafang tea:
Shape: flat and even, smooth, tall and graceful
Color: green yellow
Soup color: clear yellowish
Aroma: clean aroma lasting, fragrant chestnut
Taste: fresh and brisk, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: tender and even, buds fat

Laozhu Dafang tea produced in Yulingguan of She Country, Anhui. Tea area is mild climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, organic matter and more ecological conditions are favorable. Laozhu Dafang tea begins to pick before Ching Ming Festival forty-five days per year, picking standard is a bud and a leaf, its length is about 1.5 cm-2.5cm. Laozhu Dafang tea in the production process, there are fixing, rolling, baking and other processes.