Leicha is a popular traditional beverage in South China. It is a mixture of tea, sesame, peanuts, herbs and other ingredients, into the grind bowl, bowl with a grind bar in the Challenge in the fast rotating grinding, tea and other raw materials to research into a powder or paste, into the boiling water for drinking. Because the tool is mainly grind bowl, so called Leicha.

Leicha in southern China more than a distribution, but different production methods, in particular the choice of ingredients vary greatly. Northwestern Fujian folk Leicha is the right amount of sesame tea and put a special pottery in research sticks with tea, add boiling water into a go-between made. Inland in Guangdong, Jieyang, Puning, and other places inhabited by the Hakka Hakka Leicha by the drink is to put teeth tea bowl grind into powder, coupled with mashed cooked peanuts, sesame seeds, together with a little salt and coriander, made with boiled water. Hunan’s paradise with a drink of a special customs Qinren Leicha. Qinren Leicha is to tea, ginger, hawthorn wood raw rice into the grinding bowl and grind broken, and then washed in boiling water for drinking. If we can recapture point sesame, Xi Yan into the taste even more delicious fragrance.

Leicha is usually only as a general beverage. Consider Leicha medicinal value, can be added, such as Egeria money, leaves, small repens, class bamboo dishes, yellow, mint and other herbs, there are expelling wind cold, refreshing air, clear fire detoxification effect.

Have to drink the traditional Hakka Leicha. Hakka Leicha is essential for entertaining guests a beverage, as part of Hakka traditional customs.

Leicha types according to geographical distribution and production of different methods, have security of Leicha, Wuling Leicha, Jiexi Leicha, inland Leicha and to other types of music Leicha.